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Every month we receive dozens of inquiries regarding HDR (high dynamic range) and VR (virtual reality) production.  Most ask if our 3D camera rigs can be used to capture high-quality HDR or VR footage.  The answer is a definite - YES - of course they can. The primary difference between stereoscopic filming and HDR filming is that the parallax (center between 2 distinct images) is set to zero (0).  With stereoscopic 3D you want a perspective shift between the 2 cameras (or images) to create the illusion of depth. Just like your 2 eyes see things in front of your from 2 slightly difference angles or positons, so should the 2 cameras on a 3D rig. So by merely setting the parallax to zero and aligning the two cameras to achieve the same exact image space, you set the stage for HDR filming. Of course ALL of our 3d rigs are made to achieve zero parallax and 100% image alignment . This is how the process begins with 3D filming - you begin by algning the cameras, then add parallax for depth. This actually makes shooting HDR faster on our 3D rigs than shooting 3D. Also it eliminates any need for expensive motors to adjust the parallax during shooting. So to shoot live action HDR (moving subject matter) the best solution is the use of a 3D beamsplitter rig.  A beamsplitter system allows for one camera to shoot "thru" the 50/50 glass and one camera to shoot "off the reflection" of the glass to produce a nice HDR image.  The 2 images are then brought together in post to produce an amazing HDR film or video.  

Call or email us if you have more questions or need a 3D rig for your next HDR (high dynamic range) or VR (virtual reality) shoot.   
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The 3D Film Factory is the leader in professional, affordable 3D camera systems and real-time, 3D viewing solutions.  In addition we provide a host of 3D production services for hire, including 3D camera rigs, 3D viewing systems, stereographers, and 3D post, as well as, monthly 3D training workshops.  Former clients include ESPN, NASA, Disney, HD Cinema, Pinewood Studios, Attic Studios and Discovery.   For more information visit www.3DFilmFactory.com

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