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Affordable 3D Field Monitor

3d.mastermonitor.largeMonitor displays high-quality 3D

San Diego, CA – 3D Film Factory has released the first professional, cost-effective, real-time 3D viewing system - the 3D Master Monitor - for field production or studio use.  This light-weight, linear polarized system was designed for use with professional and broadcast quality cameras and has an introductory retail price of only $4,895.  It was developed with the guidance of veteran stereographers and award-winning filmmakers to provide a viable, affordable alternative to high-priced 3D monitors costing several times as much.

“Right now, there’s just a few professional 3D field monitors available and they’re very expensive”, said company president Karl Kozak.  “We set out to create an easy-to-use, accurate 3D viewing system that offered excellent image quality, affordability and durability.  We use everything we sell, so it had to be a great product that could be relied upon in the field.  The result was the 3D Master Monitor.  It displays outstanding 3D images at a fraction of the cost and it’s perfect for field use.”

With a diagonal screen size of 10.4”, the system uses 2 high-resolution (1,024 x 768) LCD monitors and 1 beam-splitter mirror, to create an excellent, linear polarized 3D image that’s both comfortable and accurate.  This configuration maintains the original LCD resolution while providing a flicker-free picture, and best of all, you can power it in the field with a 12V battery.

The screen is switchable from 2D to 3D at the ‘push of a button’ and features an image flipping function (vertical & horizontal) that makes the monitor compatible with both beam-splitter and side-by-side 3D rigs.  Additionally, the Master Monitor supports NTSC and PAL, in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios and uses a high-definition decoder chip to support HD 720P or 1080i by component signal.  Also, the on screen display (OSD) can select from 4 languages (English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Espanol).

Now for you tech folks, here’s the specs: 262K display colors; an active display area of 8.3”x 6.2” (211x158mm); contrast ratio of 500:1 with 350 cd/m2 brightness; 123 LPI (0.206mm) pixel pitch; 60 Hz refresh rates and 25ms response time; inputs choices for 2 cameras are DVI-D, RGA, component, s-video and composite; and it powers on AC 100-240V/DC 12V.

All this is housed in a rugged aluminum constructed casing, with a carry handle and adjustable-height foot knobs. The dimensions are a mere 11”W x 11”H x 9”D (284x284x234mm) and it weighs just 15 lbs (7 kgs).  The package includes 2 pairs of linear polarized glasses, cables, adapters, cleaning kit and a manual.

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