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3DFF Wraps Production on 3D TV Pilots

3d.redcamera 3403DFF Shoots First 3D Extreme Sports Shows as Market Prepares for 3D Channels

San Diego, CA, – 3D Film Factory, an innovative company specializing in the production of original 3D entertainment content and 2D-to-3D conversion, recently completed production on a pair of inventive new 3D pilots – A3D TV, the first Adrenaline 3D show with attitude; and Rip-It 3D – the world's first 3D extreme sports show.

The pilots were developed and produced by 3D Film Factory as part of a campaign to develop ground-breaking 3D entertainment content for a range of applications including home theatre, public exhibition, network broadcast and more. Techniques for shooting in 3D continue to evolve and 3D Film Factory pioneered a variety of proprietary production and post production tools and techniques that facilitated the completion of these programs.

A3D TV is hosted by Craig Slike, of ABC’s hit series The Mole. “Each half-hour episode of A3D TV features three segments, each depicting a particular adrenaline-driven activity in a way that showcases its uniqueness while adding depth and realism, taking the viewer to a variety of fast-paced events,” explains Karl Kozak, President of 3D Film Factory and the program’s Producer. “For the pilot we shot a variety of activities including the National Paintball Championships, hosted by the National Professional Paintball Association. We also shot drag racing at the Qualcomm arena in San Diego and a truly captivating example of parkour, a fast-growing new urban sport uses city terrain as a metropolitan obstacle course, performed by a troupe of 10 ‘traceurs’, or parkour athletes, at the historic Balboa Park.”

Rip-It 3D showcases an array of sports popular in Southern California like surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and BMX racing. The program takes full advantage of 3D’s ability to transport viewers into a variety of locales and envelop them in fast-paced action and excitement. “Sports are ideally-suited to a 3D format because of the constant action and sheer variety of activities we can film. When presented in 3D these images literally jump off the screen bringing the excitement of these riveting extreme games into the home.”
Significant technological and market advances have generated increasing interest in developing 3D entertainment for broadcast and home theatre. An all-3D broadcaster called 3D Television Co. Ltd., based in Japan, debuted earlier this year and a variety of manufacturers including LG, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi have each developed 3D-capable DLP High Definition monitors while Samsung is set to introduce its first 3D plasma television in early 2009. Mitsubishi is further set to debut the first 3D-capable Blu-ray player in 2009 and will bring the 3D experience into the home with exciting results. Content is now key and 3D Film Factory looks to play a major role in developing original programs and license content.

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