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3DFF Ramps Up 3D Production

3d.redcamera-1013DFF now offering complete live-action, stereoscopic 3D production & filmmaking services.
San Diego, CA – 3D Film Factory, the leader in affordable 3D camera systems, is now offering a full range of professional 3D production and post production services, as well as, stereographers for hire.  For years the company’s team of in-house stereographers have been at the forefront of 3D filmmaking, shooting for major clients worldwide.  Now with digital 3D technology on the rise, the 3D Film Factory is making their expertise, experience and equipment available to director and producers everywhere.

“With the release and popularity of Avatar, we’ve seen the demand for stereoscopic 3D production jump through the roof”, said company president Karl Kozak.  “Each month we’re shooting more and more high-end 3D content for clients, using cameras like the Red One or Sony’s EX3’s on our new rigs.  It’s an exciting time for 3D and we‘re poised to make the most of our expertise.”

The company began just several years ago capturing live-action 3-D images like Yosemite National Park for the first-time ever in 3D, extreme sport athletes in action and a handful of unique 3D pilot programs.  Building on that experience, the company’s stereographers have become increasingly busy assisting clients with features, documentaries and commercials, all in digital High-Definition 3D.
A few of their past clients include NASA, Honeywell, the National Institute of Health, Ant Farm, Wealth TV, HD Cinema, Pinewood Studios, Disney and ESPN.

“The goal here is to enhance our customer’s 3D productions, creating unique, balanced stereoscopic images, that maintain viewer comfort and serve the story“, stated the company’s lead stereographer Keith Driver.  “We’re taking client’s 3D projects from inception, through production, post and even exhibition.  We’re now able to share our 3D expertise.”

What is a “stereographer” ?   In short, it’s a 3D expert.  More technically, it’s someone who possess the knowledge and understanding of stereoscopy, the technique of recording three-dimensional visual information to create the illusion of depth.  On set they’re the “Director of the Depth“, working closely with the DOP and the Director to attain 3D images that are comfortable, compelling and immersive for viewers.  Making a stereoscopic 3D moive is very different than 2D and the rules of traditional filmmaking don‘t always apply.  Unfortunately, many have inevitably had to learn the hard way, that foregoing the expertise of a qualified stereographer on set can have disastrous consequences.

3DFF is now offering for hire it’s 3D camera packages, stereographers and specialized 3D crew services individually, or as a complete one-stop 3D production package.  In line with their inexpensive 3D equipment pricing, the company boasts the most affordable 3D production and rental rates in the business, while maintaining a high-level of quality and professionalism.

“Every week we save our clients time, money and eye-strain”, says Kozak.  “We do it by eliminating the learning curve, making 3D production affordable and delivering images that are both comfortable and stunning to watch.”

To learn more about the 3D Film Factory’s production services or stereoscopic 3D camera rigs, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.3DFilmFactory.com

About the 3D Film Factory
Based in sunny San Diego, California, the 3D Film Factory is a 3D equipment manufacturer AND a full-service 3D production house.  More specifically, the company specializes in the design and marketing of production-ready, affordable stereoscopic 3D camera systems (beam-splitter and side-by-side) and real-time 3D viewing systems, as well as, a wide variety of 3D production services for clients, from ‘stereographers for hire’, to hands-on 3D training, to complete 3D productions through post and exhibition.
To find out more, visit the company’s web site at: www.3DFilmFactory.com

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