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3D-BS INDIE RIG (beam-splitter)

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$4,895 + S&H
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 Product Description
This mid-sized, cost-effective 3D Rig (aka beam-splitter or mirror box) is designed for use with most prosumer & professional camcorder systems. The BS Indie Rig does what dua lens 3D cameras can't - capture close-up and medium 3D shots that are both eye-catching and comfortable. This 3D Rig features tooless, adjustable IO (0"- 5"), convergence (1°-3°) & total X-Y-Z axis (yaw, roll, tilt) & elevation control for perfect 3D picture alignment.
  • Designed for use with most prosumer & professional camcorders (see Suggested Cameras* below).
  • Interocular (camera-to-camera) distances manually adjust from 0” to 5“ (0 to 12.7cm).
  • Convergence (tow-in) settings manually adjust from 0° to 3° per camera.
  • Tooless camera mounts adjust on all axis' (yaw, roll, tilt) & vertical elevation to create perfect 3D picture alignment.
  • Lightweight, nearly indestructable anodized aluminum frame, with easy-carry handles.
  • Equipped with optically engineered, high-grade 50/50 beam-splitter glass.
  • Fully modifiable frame for quick adjustments and easy disassembly.
  • Mirror box is constructed of light-dampening, high-grade, detachable plastic.
  • Base-plate easily attaches Rig to most professional tripods (45 lb.+ rated).
  • Tripod plate and camera mounts accommodates both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screws.
  • Minor modifications may be necessary when mounting to jib arms and/or cranes.
  •  Fits easily inside Pelican Case #0370 for travel.
 Product Specs
  • Approximate weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) w/camera mounts & opti-glass.
  • Overall Rig dimensions 21”W x 20”H x 21”L (53.3W x 50.8H x 53.3L cm) w/o barn doors or eyebrow.
  Suggested Cameras
  • Canon: XF105, XF305, C300, XH-G1(S), XH-A1(S), XL-H1, XL2 & others
  • Canon DSLR: 1D, 5D, 7D & others
  • Nikon: DSLR: D3100, D7000
  • Sony: EX3, EX1, F3, HDCP1, FX1, FX1000 & others
  • Red: Epic, Scarlet
  • Panasonic: HPX250, AF-100, DVX100A, DVX200, DVX200A, HPX700, & others
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • Silicon Imaging: Si-2K, Si-2K Mini
  • JVC: HD250U, HM700U, GY-HM100U
  • Email for information on other cameras.
 Item Includes
3D-BS INDIE RIG (assembled), beam-splitter opti-glass, 2 specialty camera mounts, base-plate, all hardware & instructions.
Please allow approximately one week for delivery. Units are shipped via FedEx Economy service from San Diego, California, USA, unless arranged otherwise. Expedited shipping may be available upon request. Please Call or Email for detailed shipping charges and information.
California residents add 8% Sales Tax. All 3DFF products carry a 12-month Quality Assurance Guarantee. Within 12 months from the original purchase date, 3DFF will replace, exchange or fix, any part, or portion thereof, that is damaged, broken, or defective due to an inherent defect, manufacturing problem, or improper shipping/packaging, deemed to be the responsibility of 3DFF. Beam-splitter opti-glass excluded. All sales are final. Always consult a professional stereographer (3D Expert) before attempting to use any 3D Camera System.

About 3D Film Factory
Since 2008 we’ve been the leader in professional, affordable 3D camera rigs and 3D production monitors. We’re also a full-service 3D production company that offers 3D rig rental, stereographers ‘for hire’, and 3D post production, as well as, 3D training workshops and seminars. Our veteran stereographers are some of the best in the World and they’ve filmed stereoscopic 3D projects for major clients on almost every continent. Our clients include Disney, ESPN, NASA, Discovery Channel, Honeywell, USC Film School and many others.
Developed by award-winning filmmakers and veteran stereographers, our line of beam-splitter (mirror box) and side-by-side 3D rigs offer filmmakers a viable alternative to the high-priced, behemoth 3D rigs, costing ten times as much and more. A 3D Film Factory rig is lightweight, precise and features unlimited alignment and XYZ axis control, allowing users to create perfectly aligned 3D images.
“Since 2008 our goal has been to proliferate 3D to ALL filmmakers, not just the James Camerons of the World“, said company operations manager Shawn Gilmore. “Our goal is to make a quality 3D rig that every filmmakers can afford. We're succeeding, because today our 3D rigs create fantastic stereoscopic images and they’re affordable.”
The 3D Film Factory’s rigs are designed to accommodate a wide range of professional HD cameras, including Red One, epic, Sony F3 & EX3, Canon 305’s, 105’s & Canon 5D, Arri’s Alexa, and a broad range of camcorders, compact HD cameras and all the DSLR cameras.
The beam-splitter rigs (mirror box) are fully adjustable, allowing users to have total control over convergence settings (1° to 5°), inter-ocular (camera-to-camera) distances (0” to 6”) and complete yaw, tilt and roll (XYZ axis), for perfect 3D alignment. The black anodized aluminum frames are virtually indestructible, yet completely modular. The side-by-side systems are easy-to-use, fully adjustable and offer inter-ocular distances of 30” or more.
At the center of the 3D rig is the mirror box with its optically engineered, 50/50 beam-splitter glass. It’s fully encased in high-grade, specially formulated foam plastic, that’s light-dampening, detachable and cooler than sheet metal or carbon fiber boxes. Finally, the entire rig readily attaches to most professional tripod heads with a simple aluminum tripod adapter (¼-20 & 3/8- 16 screws).
The result is the World’s most affordable, professional line of stereoscopic beam-splitter and side-by-side rigs. Together they make 3D shooting precise and amazingly simple. When combined with a 3D production monitor, cinematographers can capture extraordinary, eye-catching 3D images for a fraction of the cost of other options.
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