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3D Training Workshops

_mg_1650Workshops teach art of 3D


The 3D Film Factory is set to continue its popular monthly 3D Training Workshops throughout 2011.  These comprehensive, "hands-on" sessions instill individuals with the guiding principles and art of stereoscopic 3D production, 3D shooting and 3D postproduction.

Workshops are intensive, one-day sessions that cover the following topics; The principles of 3D, choosing the right cameras, gen-lock issues, beam-splitter vs. side-by-side rigs, as well as set-up, 3D shooting ratios, depth vs. pop vs. convergence, achieving perfect 3D picture alignment, how to tell professional 3D from amatuer 3D, re-lighting for 3D, 3D post workflows made easy, and all the other details you need to know to create superior quality 3D entertainment.  Participants actually spend a majority of the day "shooting 3D" with our stereographers.

These 3D workshops are geared for individuals preparing to shoot a 3D production, be it a commercial, short, documentary and/or feature film in the real world.  Therefore participants are encouraged to ask questions and get behind the camera.

Our veteran3D instructors (stereographers) are World-Class experts, with years of 3D filming and production experience.  They’ve shot for a variety of major clients and fortune 500 companies Worldwide.  Simply put – they’re best of the best.

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Sessions are held on an ongoing monthly basis in a plethora of convenient U.S. locations.  Times and dates are flexible as to customer needs.  We supply everything - the cameras, 3D rigs, lighting and lunch - all for a very affordable price.  For information and booking call 619.384.4014 or visit us online at  www.3DFilmFactory.com

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